For 35 Years, Church Has Fed People in Need

Over the past 35 years, the United Church of Rogers Park has run a soup kitchen to help feed the community every Sunday.

So far, they've never missed a meal.

People come from different areas of the city, from various backgrounds and several organizations, every week just to make sure these dinners happen.

"We have never missed a Sunday in 35 years. We've certainly had Sundays where we weren't quite sure how it was going to work," said John Cason, a volunteer. "It's not always pretty, but it always works out and no one has ever gone away hungry, I can say that."

Cason said they make sure to serve hot food that's nutritious.

"Every week, you'll get protein. You'll get a starch, whether it's rice or pasta or potatoes. You'll get both fruit and vegetables, and you'll get a salad and you'll get dessert," he said.
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