Coronavirus Vaccine Updates: Travel increase in US as states ease restrictions

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Sunday, March 14, 2021
Travel up in US as states ease restrictions
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At least 24 states have rolled back restrictions.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- President Joe Biden is holding firm on his vow to have every American adult eligible for the vaccine by May 1 as some states are drastically relaxing their coronavirus guidelines.

There's growing concern with more Americans are traveling.

Saturday was the 8th day this month where more than a million people were screened by the TSA.

TSA screened 1,223,057 people at security checkpoints Saturday -- about double the number of people who were screened on Feb. 9 (617,619 people).

On Friday, 1.3 million passengers were screened.

At least 24 states have rolled back restrictions, including California, where indoor dining, movie theaters and gyms reopen Monday at limited capacity.

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Here are more of today's headlines:

Manhattan DA Candidate Liz Crotty tests positive for COVID

Manhattan District Attorney candidate Liz Crotty announced she has tested Positive for COVID-19.

"After feeling particularly run down last night, I took a COVID test out of caution and the test results came back positive. As New Yorkers, we all know the dangers of this virus and the uncertainty of these times," she said in a statement. "Running for Manhattan District Attorney, I've had the privilege of meeting other New Yorkers every day to listen to their concerns and to find out what they want from their next DA. Now, like so many others, I must isolate and pray to heal. It's unfortunate that during this pandemic candidates running for office were forced to petition and interact with thousands of people to gain access to the ballot. All of our lives were put at risk in order to serve the great people of New York - and now I am facing the consequences of a bad decision by those in charge/ This situation is scary, but it is also upsetting. My commitment to becoming your next DA is unwavering and when it's safe, I'll be right back on the campaign explaining why your safety and the future of our City is my biggest concern."

IRS says 'no reason to be concerned' if $1,400 hasn't hit bank account yet

Americans are starting to see the next round of stimulus payments hit their bank accounts this weekend. The payments are worth up to $1,400 per person and were included in the $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill signed by President Joe Biden earlier in the day. The time frame is in line with how fast the December payments went out, which started being processed three days after then-President Donald Trump signed the bill. But the payments won't all go out at once. Those whose bank information is on file with the Internal Revenue Service will likely get the money first, because it will be directly deposited into their accounts. Others may receive paper checks or prepaid debit cards in the mail.

Yo-Yo Ma celebrates 2nd COVID-19 shot by transforming vaccination clinic into concert hall

Over this past year, world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma has been working to provide comfort and support to those who may be struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. On Saturday, he transformed a Massachusetts vaccination clinic into a temporary concert hall, in a moment that residents called a symbolic representation of "the light at the end of the tunnel."

Ceremonies planned for 1 year since 1st COVID death in NYC

Sunday marks one year since the first person died from the coronavirus in New York City. The first death took place at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn -- it was one of two in our area that happened on the same day.

All Duke University undergrads must quarantine

Duke University issued a quarantine order for all of its undergraduates effective Saturday night due to a coronavirus outbreak caused by students who attended recruitment parties, the school said. The university said in a statement that all undergraduate students will be forced to stay-in-place until at least March 21. Suspension or dismissal from the school are potential punishments for "flagrant or repeat violators."

Pakistan imposes partial lockdown in some areas

Amid a third wave of the coronavirus that is gripping Pakistan's largest province, Punjab, and the northern part of the country, Pakistani health and administrative authorities have imposed a partial lockdown in affected areas. Punjab authorities fined scores of marriage halls and restaurants for violating restrictions imposed again to fight the virus.

How will US make its 255 million adults eligible for COVID vaccine by May 1?

President Joe Biden's promise that all of the nation's 255 million adults will be eligible for coronavirus vaccines by May 1 means the U.S. needs to move fast. Within the next seven weeks, the federal government must deliver doses to hundreds of new vaccination sites and recruit a new wave of health care workers to administer the shots.

$1,400 payments from COVID relief bill hit bank accounts this weekend

Some Americans are starting to see the next round of stimulus payments hit their bank accounts -- and more will see the extra $1,400 this weekend. It is estimated that 85% of Americans will be eligible for the payments as part of the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill signed by President Joe Biden. The goal is to have millions of the payments disbursed in the next few weeks.

Here's what NYC will look like next

New York City won't look the same after the pandemic is over. Economists predict a younger, poorer and more eclectic crowd. There will be changes in everything from restaurant dining, to entertainment, to residential and commercial real estate.

"The new, New York City will just look a little bit different," said Barbara Denham, a senior commercial real estate economist with Moody's Analytics.

When did you realize the COVID pandemic changed everything?

Many of us had a moment, most often occurring in March 2020, when we realized that COVID-19 had completely changed our lives forever. Even though we've managed to move forward and adapt to a new normal, that memory still sticks with us. Tell us: What was that moment to you?

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