Dance, party and sing to your favorite songs at NYC's original Dueling Pianos Bar Nine

HELL'S KITCHEN (WABC) -- When you think of a 'piano bar', you may think - Sinatra songs and some guy sitting behind a baby grand in a suit....

Well at Bar Nine in Hell's Kitchen, it's quite the complete opposite!

They call it the 'Original Dueling Pianos of New York City' because they kept the original concept - two pianos and a drummer - and they rock it out all night!

"Bar Nine is the greatest neighborhood bar party you could possibly come to," said dueling pianist Alan Bukowiecki.

The best part? The location.

Bar Nine is located on 9th Avenue in the heart of Hell's Kitchen. Tourists and locals alike can stumble in for the no cover, live music experience. If you are done seeing a show, this is the place to go after!

"Seeing the energy of people in their 20's to 60's and beyond, just all singing along to rock music, country music, rap music and bringing generations together in just a giant party," said Bukowiecki.

Bar Nine offers their dueling pianos show every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

"It's an interactive show. You never know what you're going to get," says dueling pianist Donnie Kehr, "As a real dueler you need to learn what the audience wants."

Kehr estimates that each pianist knows about 10,000 songs. Even the bartenders and wait staff sometimes join in and brings the house down!

"Dueling is different than just sitting and playing songs," says Kehr, "We're like a human jukebox. It's about bringing people together."

Owner Steve Padernacht opened Bar Nine with his brother and has had a packed house every night since.

"They are able to go from 'Baby Got Back' to Bon Jovi to Frank Sinatra in a matter of minutes," says Padernacht.

For your next night out on the town, make sure to swing by Bar Nine to sing along and dance the night away!

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