NYPD sergeant at scene of Eric Garner custody death placed on modified duty

STATEN ISLAND, New York City (WABC) -- As part of the ongoing departmental investigation into the Eric Garner police custody death, NYPD Sergeant Kizzy Adonis has been placed on modified duty.

Sgt. Kizzy Adonis is the female sergeant who was supervising the police action that led to Garner's death on July 17, 2014.

An internal police report prepared right after Garner's death quoted Sgt. Adonis telling supervisors immediately after the incident that officers were "maintaining control" of Garner during the incident, and that his condition did not seem serious to her.

Adonis also told supervisors that she "believed she heard the perpetrator state that he was having difficulty breathing."

The timing of Friday's actions against Sgt. Adonis is purely procedural. Friday is the last day her probation could be extended, so she had to be placed on modified duty.

The NYPD issued a statement, saying "The NYPD, in consultation with the United States Attorney's office, served the departmental charges at this time in order to preserve the disciplinary statute of limitations and all further proceedings concerning the Garner inquiry will continue to be stayed until the conclusion of the federal investigation."

The NYPD has reserved taking department action against the main officer involved, Daniel Pantaleo, at the request of federal prosecutors, who are conducting a civil rights investigation.
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