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Monday, June 3, 2024

The Gilgo Beach story began with a single live shot -- plagued with technical difficulties -- from a barren and frozen beach off Long Island's South Shore.

Little did anyone know how important that report would be. No one could have predicted the international spectacle that would follow.

Our first report was on an impossibly cold December night in 2011. They had found bodies on a remote Long Island beach. And soon, more bones turned up in the sand.

It was a serial killer's graveyard by the sea.

The story of the Gilgo Beach murders - and the hunt for the suspect -- is as convoluted as it is creepy, and Eyewitness News tells it like nobody else.

From the first gruesome discoveries to an arrest more than 12 years later, our reporters describe the twists and turns of covering a true crime mystery in real-time.

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