Judge orders 30-year-old man to move out of parents' Syracuse home

SYRACUSE, New York -- 30-year-old Michael Rotondo is speaking out hours after a New York judge ordered him to move out of his parents' home where he's lived rent-free for the past eight years.

"You're going to make it so that these people can just throw me out instead of letting me stay. I'm not bothering them living here," Michael Rotondo said.

These are the people now suing Rotondo, his very own parents, trying to evict him from their home. On Tuesday, Rotondo, acting as his own attorney, appearing in New York's Supreme Court claiming that his parents should have given him six months to find alternate housing. It's a point the judge called "outrageous."

"I'm not a burden to them in the home. They don't provide laundry or food. It's really a moot point for them to seek me to be ejected," Rotondo said.

In court documents, Mark and Christina Rotondo say they tried for months to get their unemployed son to move out. They sent him five letters asking him to leave, and gave him $1,100 so he could find a place to stay.

"One of the things that they mentioned in that letter in several of those letters is we want you to go and get a job right. Have you done that?" Benitez asked.

"No. I have. I've got a business that I that I get income from. And I'm expecting that I will be able to. Overwhelmingly, I can't imagine it to be here past three months," Rotondo said.

He says his parents asked him to move after he lost custody of his son eight months ago, when, he says, he needed them most.

"After you lose your son. And then shortly afterwards it's like, 'Hey you lost your son and get out of the house.' I was devastated when I lost my son," Rotondo said. "There's these people who are considering that I just want to stay here forever, I don't want to pay rent. No, I don't like living here at all."

Rotondo plans to appeal the decision.

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