Designing a customized lipstick color just for you

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Lauren Glassberg shows you how it's done. (WABC)

You can customize jewelry and monogram accessories to your liking. And we've done stories about perfecting a perfume to match your scent.

Now, something new: designing a custom lipstick color just for you.

There are thousands of lipstick colors to choose from at stores, but often the colors that are available aren't exactly what you're looking for.

There's now a spot to get it just so, and your lips will thank you.

"It's a little misleading when you first come in. You think that we're a truffle or a chocolate store," said Brooklyn McLain of Bite Lip Lab.

It sure does. You almost want to take a 'Bite' but Lip Lab is all about your lips. Brooklyn first does a consultation. Blends are created from 52 shades, and you also have to create textures.

There are four to choose from. I opted for the Creme de Luxe.

"It has a Japanese silica that acts as a primer so you don't have to use a line or a primer so it stays all day," said McLain.

As for the color, Brooklyn says he can help you hone in on one that's right for you.

"I personally think anyone can wear any color, it's finding the right shade of that color. So if you tell me, 'I want to wear red', I find the red that's right for your skin. If you tell me 'I want to wear blue', I'm going to find that blue that's perfect for your tone," Brooklyn said.

It turns out blue goes into my blend, which I test out.

"I love it, it looks amazing. It's everything you asked for," said McLain.

Brooklyn gathers all the ingredients, which are food grade by the way, and he melts them. I choose to go with a vanilla scent, which he adds, and it's into the mixer.

Then the mold, and it cools for about five minutes. But there's more. I still have to choose a case, and with a deft hand, he fills that case with my brand new lipstick.

It turns out plenty of people come in with swatches. Lauren Morse was looking for a vampy blend without too much lipstick out of mold purple.

"I brought two pictures with colors that I was interested in and got them made up and it's pretty perfect, so I'm pretty pleased," said Morse.

And you leave with your lipstick and the all important recipe card.

"You take it with you and bring it back, and any of our artists can recreate it for you," said McLain.

Lipstick prices start at $26 for the sheer and glossy option, and for the version I used on my lips, $48. Walk-ins are welcome, but you can also make an appointment at Bite.
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