Off-duty North Carolina first responders save dog's life Christmas day

RALEIGH -- Justin Nalley, a WakeMed paramedic, was just finishing up with his overnight shift, making his way home Christmas morning when he spotted an injured dog lying right in the middle of 540, hurt, but still breathing.

Coincidentally, Morrisville firefighters Michael Lindsey and fire captain Mike Chorney were also wrapping up with their night shifts, saw Nalley pulled over and also stopped to help.

The first responders took the dog to the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Raleigh.

Emergency veterinarian Curtis Ostrom said their quick actions helped save the dog's life.

The hospital named the Australian cattle dog Cora.

First responders said they don't think their rescue is heroic, just all in a day's work.

"What myself and others did wasn't so much an act of heroism, but something we do every day of our lives and is second nature," Nalley said.

"It's just what we do," Chorney said. "I mean you can't drive by a dog laying down in the middle of the road you know, that's just not right."

Ostrom said Cora was suffering from internal bleeding after being hit but said the 4-year-old dog is doing much better now.

"She's a pretty tough dog, and so most of her injuries at this point have stabilized," Ostrom said. "It's mostly just her cuts and abrasions healing up."

The Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association has also stepped in to help, covering Cora's recovery costs.

The ACDRA hopes to reconnect Cora with her owners or help find her a new, loving home.

If you have any info on Cora's origins or if you're interested in applying to adopt her, please click here.

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