Would you try blue cheese-flavored ice cream or ranch Pop Tarts?

Summer is ice cream's big moment of the year, but do you need a reason to venture past vanilla?

There is an award-winning gelato whipped in London that has become a huge hit.

The flavor? Blue cheese.

La Gelateria is famous for taking unexpected flavors and freezing them.

Other flavor options on their menu include pear and parmesan, and and extra virgin olive oil - which has been seen on a few local menus too.

There's one other food item that's not yet a thing, but one Twitter user is making waves to make it something. Ranch Pop Tarts.

Twitter user Kyle Heroff's pitch is that people say you can put ranch on anything!

Hidden Valley Ranch even weighed in, Tweeting: "Hey Pop Tarts - let's have som fun and give the people what they want!"

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