Texas dog 'Zeus' crowned 'world's tallest living dog' by Guinness World Records

BEDFORD, Texas -- Saddle up! Guinness World Records has crowned the "world's tallest living dog."

Zeus, an American Great Dane from Bedford, Texas stands 3 feet 5 inches tall at 2-years-old.

His owner Brittany Davis has had him since he was 8-weeks-old.

"Zeus is very stubborn. He doesn't do anything unless he wants to," Davis said in a video posted to YouTube by Guinness World Records. "He is also very laid back. He loves everybody. When he gets excited, it's about 10 minutes, and he runs around, and then he's tired. His water bowl is the sink."

Zeus eats about 12 cups of food a day, and his all-time favorite treat is ice cubes.

"The only time he's really naughty is, he likes to take food off the counter, and he likes to steal the baby's pacifier," Davis said. "He really likes being the center of attention...The comment that we hear most often for Zeus is 'wow that's a horse,' also, 'can I ride him,' 'does he have a saddle?' We hear that a lot."

Zeus spends his days sleeping by the window and walking around the neighborhood.

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