7-year-old girl invited to paint outdoor murals in Brooklyn

BUSHWICK, Brooklyn (WABC) -- A little girl was discovered creating graffiti on an art wall in Brooklyn.

Now this young talent has been invited to join the Bushwick Collective, which invites artists from all over the world to paint outdoor murals.

7-year-old Lola Glass is in her element, with spray paint in hand and creating murals bigger than she is.

"I saw big murals and I thought I would want to do that and that dream came true," Glass said.

She's learning from the most well-respected graffiti artists in the world.

She's the first second grader to paint at Art Basel in Miami.

Famous west coast artist Chor Boogie thinks she shows a lot of promise.

"She's definitely going places," Boogie said.

She's getting noticed after being invited to be part of the Bushwick Collective, a graffiti and street project in Brooklyn.

"She loves to paint, she loves to be inspired, and nothing is stopping her, she is what the collective symbolizes in every aspect," said Joe Ficalora, founder of the Bushwick Collective.

Ficalora discovered her leaving her mark with her parents nearby.

"She's on her tippy toes in a white dress and she drawing on one of our walls and just like throwing up my reaction was, 'What are you doing?' And she just, like, froze and she looked at me and she turned around," Ficalora said.

"I was like, 'I just wanted to draw with a spray marker, is that ok?'" Glass said.

Instead of turning her away, Ficalora provided her a wall and access to mentors.

"That felt great to be part of the Bushwick Collective, since I loved art ever since I was 3 years old," Glass said. "It felt great to be able to share a piece with anyone who walks by."

The 7-year-old tells Eyewitness News she's honored to display her work there, and she says she's only just getting started.
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