Coronavirus News: Holocaust survivor from Long Island back home after bout of COVID-19

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EAST NORTHPORT, Long Island (WABC) -- A 90-year-old Holocaust survivor from Long Island survived the second major hurdle in her life after overcoming a bout with COVID-19.

Gita Shorr has faced tremendous adversity during her 90 years on earth, but this great grandmother always prevails.

"I always knew I would come through because, I'm very strong in my will," Shoor said.

She is thrilled to be back home at The Bristal Assisted Living at East Northport after being diagnosed with COVID-19 back on May 1.

Gita was in the hospital, then a rehab facility, and finally, after testing negative, cleared to leave, but for a while it was touch and go.

Gita has a heart condition and was losing weight.

"My sister, who lives in LA said to me 'I don't think she's going to make it,'" Shorr's daughter Rachel Gentile said. "I said, 'remember what mom always said, as long as someone's eyes are open there's hope."

While battling COVID, Rachel said her mom was in and out of it, oftentimes seemed to be having flashbacks to her time spent in the concentration camps.

"She kept asking 'where are the children?' I'm like 'what children are you talking about, my children aren't young anymore, I even have a granddaughter,'" Gentile said.

When Gita was a little girl she was sent to Auschwitz and Belsen and members of her family died during the Holocaust.

She would later move to Italy where she wouldmeet her first husband and start a family.

After he passed Gita, who was just 49, married again.

Her second husband died a few years ago.

She eventually moved out of the family home in Oceanside and into The Bristal, where she's known as a dynamic spirit and where everyone was rooting for her.

"If I could help people then I'm the happiest around," Shorr said.

It will take some time for Gita to bounce back after being so sick, but she's a force who has a lot more living to do.

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