Islip officials discuss safety concerns after record rain, flooding

ISLIP (WABC) -- The clock is ticking for homeowners on Long Island who are looking for financial relief after last week's record rainfall. More than 13 inches of rain fell in Islip on Wednesday, and as residents recover, they need to get their homes checked out by town inspectors if they hope to get any financial aid.

The rain is long gone, but the damage remains, including at least 20 sinkholes across Suffolk County.

The largest, outside a shopping center in Bay Shore, is big enough to swallow a truck.

Residents' soggy possessions were piled into dumpsters lining the once-flooded streets, and days later, mold is started to set in and corroded electrical wiring is becoming a fire hazard, not unlike the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

Town officials are warning homeowners of the dangers, while inspectors are rushing to survey and tally the damage to clear the way for federal disaster aid.

"We're concerned that people have water damage to their electrical system, and the longer that goes on, the more of a risk you face if you don't get it fixed," Islip Town Councilwoman Trish Bergin Weichbrodt said. "Also, the mold concern. The longer you leave it, the worse it could get...We don't know how many houses are still out there. And that's why we're urging people to please come forward, give the town a call, let us get into your home to help you out."

If your home is damaged, make sure you get it inspected and that the dollar value goes into the overall damage estimate, which is absolutely crucial for a federal disaster declaration.

The storms flooded an estimated 400 houses in Islip, Suffolk County.

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