Internal memos warn Jersey City officers to be on high alert due to retaliation

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Jersey City police warned in wake of shooting
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Jim Dolan reports from Jersey City.

JERSEY CITY (WABC) -- The neighborhood around Martin Luther King Boulevard near Grant Avenue is tense in the best of times, but these are not the best of times.

Police are being told that there could be an elevated threat to their lives by a named street gang, and not just locals, but gang members from other areas as well.

According to documents obtained by Eyewitness News reporter Sarah Wallace, an alert circulated by the New Jersey regional operations intelligence center, "The (named) street gang has called upon other (gang) sets that fall under the united (gang) nation to take retaliatory action against the Jersey City Police Department." The alert goes on, "Specifically mentioned was attacking police officers who are working traffic posts on the Pulaski construction detail." Also at risk, according to sources, emergency medical technicians in the city.

The call for other gang members' help is believed to stem from the shooting death of Levon King, who was killed during a struggle with police late last month. And cops are taking the threat seriously now.

The alert goes on to say, "Due to the recent shooting of Jersey City Police Officer Melvin Santiago, the content of this alert is deemed credible." Other documents suggest gang members are stashing automatic weapons in abandoned buildings, perhaps preparing for a possible attack of police.