Demonstration against South Korean 'Dog Eating Festival'

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Friday, July 24, 2015

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Animal rights activists demonstrated in Manhattan Thursday night, calling for an end to the so-called "Dog Eating Festival."

Protesters gathered on the East Side to raise awareness about the dog-meat industry in South Korea.

It's estimated about two and a half million dogs and cats are slaughtered and eaten as "health food" in South Korea each year, many of them at the nation's annual "Dog Eating Festival".

"The way they are being slaughtered is particularly violent. Typically, they are being hit over the head with hammers; dogs are being beaten alive because they think the meat will taste even better. It's an extraordinary amount of cruelty," said Ana Garcia, a demonstrator.

Activists say South Koreans believe the more the dog suffers before it is killed, the more benefits they get when they eat it.