Mom of 3 in Central Park tree fall files $200 million lawsuit

NEW YORK (WABC) -- The mother of three who last month saved her three children from a falling tree in Central Park and wound up injured in the process is suing.

Anne Monoky Goldman's attorney filed a $200 million notice of claim against the city and the Central Park Conservancy for the American elm that the conservancy found uprooted because of decay beneath the surrounding pavement.

Goldman last held her 2-month-old baby boy back on August 15, as she was being placed into an ambulance in Central Park following the incident.

It's the day a 75-foot tree snapped, falling on the 39-year-old and her three sons at Central Park West and West 62nd Street.

"Ms. Monoky risked her life and body to save her children and she has paralysis threatening injuries," attorney Jordan Merson said in a written statement.

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Monoky Goldman just got out the hospital a week ago, but she still cannot get out of bed. Her attorney says she has to lay flat for two to three months, with her neck and back immobilized, in order for her neck fractures to heal.

Her 2-year-old son is recovering from a brain hemorrhage and a concussion.

And not only is Monoky Goldman unable to her hold her infant, she also is unable to nurse him, losing out precious bonding between a mother and newborn son.

The city's law department said it would review the filing.
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