Crime scene evidence presented at Short Hills Mall carjacking murder trial

SHORT HILLS, New Jersey (WABC) -- Testimony resumed Thursday in the trial of one of four men charged in a deadly carjacking at the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey.

Two police officers who responded to the scene took the stand a day after the emotional testimony from the victim's widow. Jurors also saw crime scene evidence and photos of the victim.

Basim Henry, 36, of South Orange is charged with murder and other offenses in the fatal shooting of Dustin Friedland of Hoboken in December 2013.

The investigation took center stage Thursday as Essex County Prosecutor's Office crime scene Officer Randolph Root showed the jury the items of clothing removed from Friedland's body during the autopsy the day after his murder.

Root also confirmed the small envelope containing the bullet which was fired into the victim's head from above.

"The projectile passed from top to bottom, downwards, from right to left and slightly backwards," said New Jersey State Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Falzon, who reviewed the records from the autopsy and described the bullet and fragments used to take Friedland's life during the carjacking.

"Mr. Friedland died of a gunshot wound of the head. The manner of death is classified as a homicide," said Dr. Falzon.

Investigators also showed the jurors video evidence of the GMC vehicle allegedly driven by the suspects to the mall and seen speeding away from the parking area and going in the wrong direction after the shooting and carjacking.

Friedland's widow Jamie testified Wednesday, saying the couple went to get a new computer and have dinner to celebrate their anniversary and purchase of a new condo.

As they went back to their vehicle in the parking garage, Friedland said she got into the passenger seat, then turned to see her husband standing between two men.

"I saw him put the gun to Dustin's head and I heard bang bang chhh, and then the window shattered," she testified. "I couldn't get my seat belt undone... I didn't know - am I supposed to hide between the dashboard and the seat? You don't know what to do in these situations and it was so fast. And (the gunman) opens the car door, he leans in, he points the gun at my head and he said 'get out of the --- car ---.'"

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Widow Jamie Friedland takes the stand to describe the events that led to her husband's murder in 2013

Friedland got out and saw her husband laying in a pool of blood. Then attackers drove away.

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Jamie Friedland testifies about her husband murder at the Short Hills Mall in NJ

Jamie Friedland says it took a half hour for help to arrive and the ambulance was too big to make it to the parking deck where her husband was bleeding to death from the gunshot to the head. Dustin Friedland died later at the hospital.

Henry, who was arrested later in Easton, Pa., is charged along with Karif Ford, Kevin Roberts and Hanif Thompson. Henry allegedly drove the getaway car.
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