Elderly man robbed at knife point by two suspects in Jersey City

JERSEY CITY (WABC) -- Two armed robbers ambushed an elderly man in New Jersey, attacking him in his own home.

The first time the man knocked on 71-year-old Luis Rosario's door; Mr. Rosario looked through the peephole, but ignored him. He knocked again.

"The second time they went like this and they came in, they pushed me in, the guy is younger than me," Rosario said.

Wearing a mask, the man threw Rosario to the ground.

"The guy took a knife and he put it here," Rosario said.

"They put a knife to your neck?" Eyewitness News Reporter Jim Dolan said.

"Yeah at the neck," Rosario said.

A woman who was with the man, who pushed in the door, sprayed Rosario in the face with something. You can still see remnants of it on the wall.

The two started looting through his apartment, including the kitchen, filling a bag with food and whatever valuables they could find.

They took his wallet with $60. The knife, a switchblade, was terrifying.

"I said, 'Why? Stop, why?' He said, 'Why? I will kill you,'" Rosario said.

"He said, 'Stop crying, I will kill you?'" Dolan said.

"No problem you take all you want," Rosario said.

They did.

"He don't bother nobody, he's a really nice guy. He's a church guy, I always see him with a good spirit," said Anthony Comacho, a neighbor.

There were plenty of mistakes here. The building has no security cameras. Someone had to let the two suspects into the building because the door outside does lock.
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