Money meant for youth soccer team stolen from coach's home in New Jersey

NEPTUNE, New Jersey (WABC) -- The search is on for a thief who stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and money from a home in New Jersey.

Some of that money was collected on behalf of a youth soccer team. The thief was captured on a surveillance camera.

The surveillance video shows the suspect walking toward the house. In the end police say he took $12,000 in jewelry and $6,000 in cash, $900 of which was to pay for referees for a soccer team in Neptune.

"I am just hoping that everybody who keeps looking at this clip, I'm going to share it everyday until there's justice," said youth soccer coach Chris Hankins, whose home is the one that was robbed.

He is offering a $1,000 reward.

"This guy he needs to be put behind bars before he decides to hurt another family," said Hankins.

He and his wife Tracy had their wedding rings and all their family jewelry stolen. Tracy is also a soccer coach.

"Everything that I was not wearing that day, our kids christening crosses, just everything," said Tracy.

The hope is someone will recognize the young man in the surveillance footage and call police.

"Looks like a young male, tough picture it's kind of grainy. Dark clothing, looks pretty casual in his approach to the house," said Neptune Police Lt. Michael J. McGee.

Lt. McGee says youth soccer teams are one of the best things about any town.

"It's all volunteer, the most rewarding thing you'll ever do is coach, but now to have to worry about where the referees' money is going to come from," he said.

Meantime Coach Hankins wants as many people as possible to watch the surveillance video.

"I have no problem paying the $1,000 because I want this guy off the street. I want other families to feel safe at home like I want my family to, so please look and do what you can," he said.

The team will still play, and the Neptune Soccer Association is working on a way to replace the money.
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