Out-of-control car plows across Long Island property; Driver flees on foot

NORTH BABYLON, Long Island (WABC) -- Police are looking for a suspect after an out-of-control car plowed through the lawn of a Long Island home before hitting a boulder and going airborne. The car eventually crashed through a fence and came to a stop on the neighbor's property.

The incident was caught on camera, and the driver apparently fled on foot following the crash. It happened around 1:20 a.m. Friday on Kime Avenue in North Babylon, with the driver fleeing toward Deer Park Avenue.

The surveillance video was taken by cameras at Andrew Spadafora's home.

The surveillance video:

The impact jolted residents.

"That boulder in that yard, that's what made him go airborne," Spadafora said. "Flipped over like three times and then ended up right in that patch of grass right there...It sounded like thunder, like the ground shook."

Police say the driver took off in a hurry because the car was stolen.

"I don't know how he got out," Spadafora said. "I mean, that's gotta be 25 feet in the air, rolled over like three times in the air and then bounced on the roof."

Theresa Pop, who lives two doors down, frantically ran over from across the street still in her pajamas.

"It shook our house, you know?" she said. "So I thought maybe something hit it."

Pop said it was a big bang, and her daughter came running down from upstairs. She called 911, and her husband ran outside. But by the time he got to the flipped car, the driver was gone.

"I thought somebody was dead," she said. "I can't imagine how he ran off."

This was not the first time a car crashed onto Spadafora's property. About 20 years ago, a vehicle ended up in his pool.

No arrests have been made.
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