San Andreas fault 'ready to go,' expert warns

LONG BEACH, California -- During an earthquake study conference in Long Beach, a local expert said California's infamous San Andreas fault is due for a massive quake.

"The San Andreas fault is locked, loaded and ready to roll. The springs of that fault have been wound pretty tightly and the situation is there where we could have major earthquakes in California," said Thomas Jordan, director of the Southern California Earthquake Center.

A simulation from the Southern California Earthquake Center shows how far the shaking could be felt during an 8.0-magnitude quake on the fault. The last big earthquake on the southern part of the fault was a magnitude 7.9 in 1857.

But many consider the 1994 Northridge earthquake, which hit another fault, to be a major earthquake. Yet, experts said that would be minor compared to what could happen in an 8.0-magnitude temblor on the San Andreas fault.

Experts continue to ring the alarm to make sure there is enough preparation to limit damage and save lives.
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