Brooklyn woman shot in Maple Street brownstone lobby

WINGATE (WABC) -- Crime Stoppers is looking for information, police are going door-to-door, and a family is trying to figure out why their young relative was shot in the hallway of their apartment building.

"It sounded like it was just a random. A random mugging," Edride Cadet, the victim's cousin, said.

Eyewitness News has learned that police are investigating this as an attempted robbery.

The young woman, who family members identify as 19-year old Kimberly, had gone to pick up the mail at the box in the front hallway at her Maple Street home at 1:20 a.m. Friday when she was confronted by man.

Another cousin ran to see what was happening.

"My cousin ran back into the house and yelled, 'she's getting mugged call 911.' And then apparently, the next thing you know, they heard two shots," Cadet said.

Cadet, Kimberly's cousin, says she was shot twice. There was trouble with the lock on the door to the building and the would-be thief could have just pushed his way inside.

"I don't think she (knew him). She's not the kind of person who had any issues with anybody. She's a very good kid," Cadet said.

"There are a lot of crazy people out on the streets to be honest with you. You need to be careful because the door should be locked to prevent stuff like that from happening," Diana Villegas, the victim's friend, said.

The suspect ran from the apartment after the shooting. Police then spent part of the day canvasing the neighborhood talking to people in hopes someone may have seen him make his escape.

Others are quite surprised.

"It doesn't make any sense. It's very crazy. All i can say it's sad. It's very sad," one person said.

Returning home family members who had been with the young woman in the hospital did not want to speak.

But her good friend says she is expected to fully recover.

"I'm definitely glad she's ok," Villegas said.

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