North Bay wildfire evacuee shares heartfelt story about coming back to ashes

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Wildfire evacuee shares heartfelt Instagram message
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Joshua Corbett was forced his leave his home because of the North Bay fires. He turned to Instagram to share his harrowing experience.

By the time devastating wildfires ran through Joshua Corbett's neighborhood in Santa Rosa, California, nothing was left.

Corbett turned to Instagram to share his harrowing account of evacuating his home and coming back to nothing. He shared an image of the ashes left behind where his house used to stand.

"This used to be where I lived," he said starting his post. "The neighborhood is gone."

Corbett described waking and having only 20 minutes to pack his belongings in his car. He was unable to grab more of his possessions because he was overwhelmed by the smoke.

He went back to his neighborhood to find it had burned down to ashes. He tried digging through the debris of his burnt down home, but he found nothing.

"Being out there was surreal, everything is burnt and destroyed," he said. "Thank you to everyone for the kind words. It helps, trust me."