COVID Update NYC: Several key safety protocols set to drop Monday

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Sunday, March 6, 2022
Several NYC COVID key safety protocols to drop Monday
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onia Rincon has more on what to expect Monday as NYC drops key COVID safety protocols.

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- New York City is taking another step to bounce back from the pandemic, with the city set to drop several safety protocols, including a school mask mandate and vaccination requirements for businesses.

Starting on Monday, restaurants in New York City will no longer ask for proof of vaccination before entering.

However, other public indoor businesses like Broadway, is keeping its mask and vaccine requirements through at least the end of March.

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You'll also still need to wear your mask on mass transit or when you see a doctor.

Kids in school can now go maskless if they choose in New York City public schools.

Right now, the COVID infection rate is at 1.8%. That's the lowest level since August.

Even at that level, with some mandates lifted, the city is still recommending that you wear your mask in public indoor spaces, especially with a crowd.

Outgoing Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi says restrictions can return if there's another surge.

"At each level, there's clear guidance for what precautions New Yorkers should take and what actions you can expect from your city government," he said. "The highest level very high or red alert needs no explanation for those of us who survived the devastating spring 2020 first wave in New York City. Those memories are seared in our brain in perpetuity."

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The health commissioner says that although some of the mandates will be lifted, the city plans to keep the push for more New Yorkers to get vaccinated.

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