Decades-old Brooklyn deli casualty of skyrocketing rent

Saturday, July 8, 2017
Decades-old Brooklyn deli casualty of skyrocketing rent
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NJ Burkett has the story from Greenpoint.

GREENPOINT, Brooklyn (WABC) -- Krystyna Godawa knows that saying goodbye will be one of the hardest things she has ever done - almost as hard as pouring her life savings into the Park Deli in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. That was something she did a decade ago, after emigrating from Poland.

"The store is like my baby!" Godawa says.

However, after years of six and seven day weeks of making chicken cutlet sandwiches, and arguably the best pierogis on this side of the East River, Godawa will close the gates on her American dream for good, because she's just been hit with a 110-percent rent increase.

The Park Deli was first opened by a German immigrant in the 1930s. Now, Greenpoint is one of the city's hottest neighborhoods.

"It was really attractive - sad that it's changing," said one deli customer.

Godawa's lease runs out at the end of the month, when she expects her deli will be replaced with yet another trendy restaurant.

"My heart is crying - my heart is crying," she says.