Video: New snow leopard cub revealed at Bronx Zoo

BRONX, New York (WABC) -- There's a new addition at the Bronx Zoo!

A snow leopard born at the Bronx Zoo this summer just made its official public debut. The female cub, who hasn't been named yet, is now on exhibit with her mother in the zoo's Himalayan Highlands.

The snow leopard cub is the latest of more than 70 cubs that have been born at the Bronx Zoo - more than any other zoo in North America.

Snow leopards are often called "ghost cats" due to their pale coloring that allows them to easily blend into their environment, especially snow!

This weekend is a perfect time to see the newest snow leopard cub and the other "ghost cats" at the "BOO AT THE ZOO" event - the last one of the season.

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