Dashcam video shows New Jersey police-involved shooting

HADDON TOWNSHIP, New Jersey -- Newly-released dashcam video shows the incident surrounding a police-involved shooting in Camden County.

It began with a traffic stop on Alabama Road, a residential street off Route 130 back on October 29.

Edmond Brown, 38, was pulled over by a Haddon Township police officer for having a visible handicap placard in the truck, which is supposed to be taken down while driving.

"Do me a favor. Shut the car off," the officer is heard to say.

The video shows Brown attempting to drive away, smashing into nearby parked cars. The officer repeatedly orders him to get out of the vehicle. Eventually he does, with his hands up.

But, instead of getting on the ground as the officer ordered, Brown runs away.
As the officer chases and struggles with Brown, his gun is heard to go off. The two bounce off the car and onto the ground where Brown is eventually subdued.

It's then they realize Brown has been shot in the leg.

"I didn't realize it happened the way it did," said Amya Lugo, who lives across the street with her mother.

They saw the video for the first time on Friday.
"I just thought the cop shot the guy out of just anger and wanted him to be scared. I didn't know it was like all that happened, so the cop had a purpose to pull his gun out," she said.

Angela Yancey had her car heavily damaged in the incident. After seeing the dashcam video she has little sympathy for Edmond Brown.

"You got shot because you didn't listen. Should have stopped and did what you had to do and everything could have been prevented. Now we don't have a car because he decided he wants to do some dumb stuff," she said.

Brown is being held on $100,000 bail. The officer is on administrative leave and the prosecutor's office is investigating.
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