Minimum wage increases across New York State

NEW YORK (WABC) -- New Yorkers across the state who make the minimum wage will see a bump in their pay check at the end of the week.

New legislation went into effect Sunday night.

The rate varies around the state, but in New York City the minimum wage goes from $9 an hour to 10.50 for businesses with 10 or fewer employees, and up to $11 an hour for businesses with 11 or more employees.

In Westchester and Long Island, the minimum goes to $10 an hour.

"Just to put it in perspective, if you are a minimum wage earner and supporting two children you are
below the poverty line," Governor Andrew Cuomo said.

25-year-old Deandra McLean is a maintenance worker at a gym. She's thrilled with the bump up.

"I mean that's a great thing, I have a child, a two-year-old. You won't have to work as many jobs for something so simple," McLean said.

To make sure employers comply, there's a new hot line and a task force.

"We have a task force of investigators, about 200, that will be going out across the state or labor department," Cuomo said.

As for businesses that say this increase could break them, the governor says the increase is negligible and needed.

Some businesses are already passing on that increase to customers which the governor says they're free to do, but it may cost them in the end.

"The market is competitive and basically what they're saying is we will increase our prices OK, well you'll lose business to businesses that don't increase their prices," Cuomo said.

Penalties could eventually be incurred if business owners don't follow the law.

Minimum Wage Hotline: 1-888-4-NYSDOL (6-9-7-3-6-5).
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