'We thought he was so gone' California family tearfully reunited with dog lost in fires

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Monday, October 16, 2017
Santa Rosa family tearfully reunited with dog lost in fires
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Bill the dog was found shivering in a field after escaping the North Bay fires. His family, meanwhile, thought they'd lost him forever. Watch the tearful moment they were reunited.

SANTA ROSA, California -- The Robinsons didn't have much time to evacuate their Santa Rosa, California home. They looked for their dog, Bill, but they couldn't find him. With the wildfires approaching, they had to get to safety.

Their home was lost, but fortunately, Bill got out. A police officer found him shaking in a field, and he was taken to the Marin Humane Society.

Thanks to a microchip, the society was able to find Bill's family. When he was brought out to meet them, the tearful moment was caught on video.

"We thought he was so gone," one of Bill's owners said.

The family hugged and petted Bill, who jumped up to greet them as they cried tears of joy.