January's best bets: Watch for sales, deals on these items

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Tuesday, January 4, 2022
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Nina Pineda and 7 On Your Side have January's best bets.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- For those who didn't blow their holiday budgets and have a little leftover this month, there are huge deals that can save you a lot of money.

Nina Pineda and 7 On Your Side have January's best bets.

Consumer expert Janice Lieberman hit the stores with 7 On Your Side to see what's on sale.

Anything that says Christmas or Hanukkah will be slashed.

"Whatever's leftover from the Christmas season we will definitely put on sale and it will all be half price," said Books and Greetings owner Kenny Sarfin.

The owner of Books and Greetings in Northvale is talking about wrapping paper, holiday boxed cards and seasonal toys.

"Anything that you can reuse, buy it in January and save until next season," he said.

Lieberman says it's a good idea because you won't be in a frenzy next holiday season and you will save money.

Lieberman usually says shoppers should also make moves on winter items, but this year with supply chain shortages, you won't see hats and gloves on sale yet.

"If you're lucky enough to find some winter stuff, you may get a deal at a flash sale, but they really don't have to knock the prices down until maybe February or March," Lieberman said.

What you should snatch this month are toys and electronics.

"Electronics, you would think Black Friday is the day, which is it a great day, but a lot of the stuff that didn't move has to move because in January the electronic show comes out, and they bring the new models in, and they need to get rid of the older stuff," Lieberman said.

Also think ahead to Valentine's Day. January is a great time to purchase luxury items like designer watches and fine jewelry before the prices go back up in February.

January is also a great month for a hotel getaway. Hotels have low occupancy right now and are offering deals on overnight stays.

For those looking to chill on the couch instead, upgrade it. Furniture is marked down this month.

Sofas, dining room and bedroom sets will all be on sale -- and linens, bedding and towels are at 50 to 70 percent off.

Plus, for those who made ambitious New Year's resolutions, gym memberships are at the lowest prices of the year.

Just be careful about those contracts: Cancellation policies are tough with gyms, and that could put customers on the hook for monthly fees for years, so read the fine print.

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