7 On Your Side ends 2021 by recovering more than $1.1M for viewers

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Wednesday, December 29, 2021
7 On Your Side ends 2021 by recovering more than $1.1M for viewers
Nina Pineda has more on how 7 On Your Side has recovered over $1 million for viewers this year.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- 7 On Your Side began 2021 in the grips of the pandemic, helping viewers get vaccinated then pivoted to what we do best -- going up against some of the nation's biggest companies to right wrongs and recover refunds for viewers.

It started with a slew of viewers venting virtually about stalled unemployment checks.

After several hardworking people in New Jersey complained they weren't paid for six weeks, we took their fight to the top to Gov. Phil Murphy.

Finally, more than $35,000 in benefits was released.

Early in the year we also found out hospitals were charging thousands for COVID tests and care that should have been free.

After 7 On Your Side got involved, the bills were wiped clean.

By spring, the race was on to find vaccines and we created a how-to guide and helped a 103-year-old who was unable to get her first shot.

When Mary Heaney's family couldn't help her get her vaccine, 7 On Your Side went to the mayor, NYC and NY health departments and finally got the vaccine for the centenarian.

COVID numbers dropped as vaccines became more plentiful, and we got back to 7 On Your Side business: unthawing frozen bank accounts.

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We unfroze $230,000 for a woman who couldn't even afford to buy a sandwich without her children.

Meanwhile, a family's house of worship in Queens was reduced to rubble after an out-of-control NYPD SUV plowed into the sanctuary.

But this summer our biggest payday was the sale of a retired sheriff's home that was in limbo because of a mysterious, decades old lien.

We cleared up the confusion and got half a million out of escrow.

We also fought for veterans fundraising for a memorial, plus a decorated World War II bomber with a broken lift chair. We got the vet a replacement and full refund.

Then in September, after Hurricane Ida, we surged to action and helped Staten Island seniors blindsided by a big bill - thousands over the estimate.

We helped chop $7,000 off their bill.

Then we learned a soaked storage facility was going to toss out customer contacts -- including priceless memorabilia belonging to Giants great Carl Banks.

We got them to stop the purge and let people in.

But perhaps the most memorable wins were from the young when we helped a 6-year-old with decaying teeth get her much needed mouth surgery covered by insurance.

And then we'll never forget Tony, the greatest letter carrier of all time, who died earlier this year - days after retiring - after an incredible 62 years delivering mail to a South Harlem housing project.

We helped his family get a sizeable payout - all their dad's retirement money.

It's been a privilege helping our loyal viewers and it was a banner year -- we recovered a grand total of more than $1,115,000 for our viewers.

That marks the eighth consecutive year 7 On Your Side has gone over the magic million mark.

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