Best buys before Black Friday

NEW YORK (WABC) -- If you haven't had your fill we are in a sweet spot to buy candy, it's the cheapest between now and stocking stuffer time. Can you believe Christmas is just 55 days away? But before you go crazy busting down doors, here's what to buy and what not buy this month.

It's like the Super Bowl of discount shopping." That's how, Ben Glaser frames Black Friday.

In a few short weeks, Black Friday's full contact shopping frenzy will be in full swing, but you can start cleaning up throughout November. Vacuums go on sale along with all kinds of kitchen appliances and that's not a lot of crock, we already see crock pots as low as $19 bucks at Best Buy.

"It's an amazing time to buy kitchen appliances, really any big purchases for the home," Glaser said.

But if you're eyeing a big appliance purchase like a fridge, or washer dryer, wait a few weeks. There will be loads of deals on Black Friday, Glaser says research shows best-of-the-year prices on 35% of major appliances with the best deals coming from Home Depot, Target, and Sears.

"Look for free shipping and installation on these large over-sized items that could be the equivalent of a discount of hundreds of dollars," Glaser said.

Tis the season to buy tech, especially if you're on a budget. Look for off-brand laptops to drop as low as $300 or even less. Ben says pushing rock bottom prices on laptops and tablets is catching up to TV's to get people in the door.

And speaking of TV's, expect 55 inch models as low as $100, but only while supplies last - which is why shoppers door bust.

If you can afford Apple devices Glaser says watch out for two big drops this month. First, the first generation Apple Watch and, second, the second generation iPads or iPhones.

Glaser's big tip, "You want to buy one generation back and don't buy from the Apple store prices are always better at certified re-sellers like Best Buy, Target and Micro-center."

Get your hands on discounted candy and costumes this month but don't binge on Christmas decor, seasonal stuff including winter coats are wait to buy items along with jewelry and designer goods which won't be marked down.
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