Crews repair water main break that apparently caused huge sinkhole in Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn

GREENWOOD HEIGHTS, Brooklyn (WABC) -- A water main break that apparently caused a massive sinkhole in Brooklyn has been repaired, city officials say.

A DEP spokesman says the 12-inch break in a city water main appears to have caused the collapse on a street Tuesday.

The crater opened in the middle of 23rd Street in Greenwood Heights, leaving the road impassable.

Workers had been excavating to determine whether a city main line was the source of the problem or a private service line. Road repairs are underway.

The street crumbled and swallowed a school bus, just moments after the last child was dropped off.

Workers were ripping-up the street to locate the break.

As they did, water service remained shut down to hundreds of residents up and down the block.

Water service was restored by Wednesday afternoon.
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