Girl falls out of moving car while twerking


In a bizarre video that has gone viral, a woman fell out of a moving vehicle while hanging out of the car door while twerking. Take a look below.

WARNING: Adult language.

"Good thing I caught it on camera," the video's caption on Vine read.

Re-posted to Instagram after going viral on Vine, the video shows an unknown woman dancing to rapper K Camp's "Lil Bit," while hanging outside of the car door while it is in motion. After a few seconds, the woman falls out of the car and into the street before the video abruptly cuts off.

The original Vine upload gained more than 6,000,000 views before the longer edit was posted to Instagram. In a follow-up Vine video, the videographer said that her friend was fine, though scraped up.

In 2013, late night host Jimmy Kimmel capitalized on the dangerous twerking trends by crafting a fake video that depicted a woman accidentally setting herself on fire while twerking. The video went viral across the nation before Kimmel admitted on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that it was all a ruse.

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