'God's Love We Deliver' remembers Joan Rivers on Thanksgiving

WILLIAMSBURG (WABC) -- At one of the nation's most important food charities, there is a big loss this year.

Even on Thanksgiving, cooks at 'God's Love We Deliver' prepare and deliver about 4,500 meals. The charity was Joan Rivers' favorite, but of course this year she is gone.

"It is our first Thanksgiving without Joan - 25 years," says President and CEO Karen Pearl, "It's sad - we really miss her. She lights up the room, what else can you say?"

To Joan Rivers and so many volunteers, thousands of them, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without God's Love we Deliver.

"I think this teaches you what Thanksgiving is really all about. I know it sounds corny," Joan Rivers said in November 2011, "by giving to other people, you sit down at your table and you realize how lucky you are."

God's Love we Deliver was founded in 1985 and started out as one woman on a bicycle delivering meals to a man with AIDS. Joan Rivers was an important part of the growth of the organization. Even though she is gone, their work still goes on.

One of the charity's newest volunteers is Lisa Johnson from California. Johnson was visiting her family and making a day of giving back, just like Joan did for so long.

"Yeah, definitely it goes on - they have wonderful staff and wonderful people and volunteers who really care about helping people," says Johnson.

Pearl goes on to add that Joan was kind, loving, important and the organization misses her terribly.

Joan's daughter, Melissa did tweet out a photo on Thanksgiving with a surprising message: "I finally found out my Mom's password. Happy Thanksgiving."
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