Mississippi teen dresses brother as creepy clown for 'IT' themed photo shoot

MISSISSIPPI -- Precious, adorable, sweet... and terrifying? Those are all adjectives one might use to describe the little boy and his clown-themed photo shoot.

Three-year-old Louie from Mississippi is making a big splash online with photos of himself dressed like the tiny twin of Stephen King's killer clown, Pennywise, from the movie "It."

The terrifying transformation comes courtesy Louie's talented older brother, 17-year-old Eagan.

The creative teenager used his makeup and photography skills to turn the toddler into the star of the movie, and many nightmares. The only thing enhanced by Photoshop is Louie's forehead.

Mom Brooke Tilghman said she knows it's alarming, but her focus is on Eagan's artistic ability.

She also said Louie loves clowns and wasn't scared at all.

The creepy, cute sibling photo shoot has since gone wildly viral, racking up almost 100,000 shares so far.

To check out some more of Eagan and Louie's movie makeover photos: CLICK HERE.
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