Woman goes Above and Beyond with vegan food charity

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Michelle Charlesworth has the story. (WABC)

The problem of hunger and homelessness can sometimes seem like an insurmountable problem in New York.

But one woman is going above and beyond to take a solution into her own hands.

Michelle Carrera is a woman on a mission. Saturdays, she walks around with 40 containers of hot chili for people who are on the streets, who may not have anything to eat and even gives them a drink.

Actually her 4-year old son Ollie is in charge of that.

Michelle started her vegan food charity "Chilis on Wheels" last Thanksgiving.

"I wanted to find a place to volunteer, teach my son how to be part of the community, but unfortunately there's no vegetarian or vegan soup kitchens in New York and we are a vegan family," she said. "So I decided to just make it myself and distribute it ourselves and that's what we did."

She makes the chili at home, little Ollie by her side. It is a simple recipe: beans, potatoes, yams and corn, all from her kitchen and her savings, though she says some people on her Facebook page have donated money.

One even gave her a table.

"We have two men we see every week who are vegetarian and they rely on the side dishes, so there's a big need for it. It started as a family tradition but face to face with the need it became too big a thing for me to ignore," said Carrera.

And so we recognize Michelle and Ollie, and her Chilis on Wheels charity, for going Above and Beyond.

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