Baby with heart defect stops crying when watching Dallas Cowboys

DALLAS -- Around New York, you might find some mixed emotions about the Dallas Cowboys.

But to one teeny superfan in their home city, the team's work on the football field is soothing.

The parents of 3 month old Lola say she stops crying whenever she sees her team play.

Lola has a congenital heart defect and to ease her discomfort from her recent surgery, they relied on their go-to soothing technique.

"One of her favorite things to do on Sundays is sit in her dads lap and watch the game. My mom was like, Lets try it. It cant hurt. I put it on, and it was instantaneous," said mom, Laura Catron.

The team heard about Lola's love for them and sent her a care package which included an iPad loaded with every one of this year's games. But we're not sure whether they included Sunday's loss to the Green Bay Packers that knocked them out of the playoffs.
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