Bandit makes off with auto shop's toilet paper

LUBBOCK, Texas -- Police in Lubbock, Texas are looking for a toilet paper bandit -- yes, you read that right.

A suspect was caught on camera breaking into a tire shop on the east side of town. He was seen taking cash from the register, but it's the other item he made off with that left the owner surprised.

As he moves to leave, the suspect grabs a four-pack of toilet paper.

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The owner said he doesn't recognize the suspect, and she has no idea why he took the toilet paper.

"The community tries to bring businesses to the east side, and this is why they don't come," said Crest Tires owner Wendy Houston. "It's very very sad, and I'm angry, very angry."

Houston said the burglar is responsible for approximately $1,000 in damage. More than $100 was missing from the cash register.
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