This Vegan Food Truck Has Cheese Even Non-Vegans Love

Asada fries, crunchy taquitos, and yummy burritos, it's California-inspired Mexican food made with love! Chicana Vegana is a vegan food truck that fuels up hungry residents with tasty food. Every ingredient is vegan, including the cheese, guacamole, and spices, but perhaps their most popular ingredient is a dash of superhero girl power. "They're awesome," fan of Chicana Vegana, Sara Ridley said. "I'm a huge taquito fan. They are perfectly fried, I'm not even kidding you!" When it comes to vegan options, owner, Jasmine Hernandez believes people are now just beginning to discover what's possible in the kitchen. Visit their site: Chicana Vegana you can also follow them on social media here: Facebook and Instagram and Twitter.