10 photos of Monday's rainbow you won't want to miss


Monday's steamy temperatures brought dangerous storms throughout the afternoon. Once storms began to clear up, a beautiful rainbow appeared over the Tri-State Area. Check out some of the photos that you certainly don't want to miss.

1) Check out this amazing video of Monday night's rainbow that extended all the way from the Empires State Building to One World Trade:

2) This is what the rainbow looked like as it was developing over Midtown:

3) How about this rainbow Timelapse over the Hudson River?

4) Here's what the rainbow looked like over New Rochelle:

5) And over Harlem you could see a double rainbow:

6) Same goes for Jersey City:

7) Check out this beautiful shot as the rainbow arced over Lower Manhattan:

8) And this panorama shot, with the rainbow on the right, and the sunset on the left:

9) Monday's crazy thunderstorms are finally over:

10) So where's that pot of gold?

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