AccuWeather Alert: Excessive heat warning

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Excessive heat watches and warnings have been issued ahead of the hottest weather of the season. Saturday will be the most intense day, and it will feel like it is 115 degrees in some areas.

Click here for the latest watches and warnings from the National Weather Service.

Here's the 7-day forecast for the immediate New York City area.

Intense heat with a high of 98. It will feel like 115 in some areas.

Heat wave continues wiht a high of 98.

HEAT WAVE ALERT: Resources to help you cope with the heat

Showers and thunderstorms with a high of 84.

Relief arrives with a high of 82.

Comfy sun wiht a high of 82.

Another beauty with a high of 84.

Sun and clouds with a high of 85.

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Here's a look at the 7 Day AccuWeather forecast


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