Derick Waller
Derick Waller is a reporter for Eyewitness News This Morning. Derick's journey to WABC took him to TV stations in Cleveland, OH, Raleigh, NC and Charlottesville, VA, which is where he got his start.

While in the Southeast and the Midwest, he covered some of the biggest stories of the past decade, including two presidential campaigns in three different swing states.

Derick was born and raised in Richmond, VA, but he's no stranger to New York City. His father lives in Queens, where Derick spent a significant amount of time growing up.

Derick's a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with degrees in journalism and political science. In his spare time, he loves exploring food and culture right here in New York City and around the world.

He's thrilled to call NYC home.

The workers were in the process of investigating a gas leak in Williamsburg when something sparked.
When police arrived, witnesses told them there had been a fight in front of the store that resulted in Lesandro Guzman-Feliz getting slashed in the neck with a machete.
The fire started around 1:19 a.m., possibly in the back of a second floor unit on Broadway near 36th Street before spreading to two other buildings.
Even before the city council votes, this bill to put some regulation on short term rentals like Airbnb already has the support of a veto-proof majority of the members and so it is almost sure to pass.
The building was supposedly vacant, but squatters were reportedly inside at the time of the fire.