Bill Evans' Favorite Weather Web Sites

Bill Evans' Favorite Weather Web Sites
December 15, 2010 9:41:42 AM PST
These are some of Bill Evan's favorite weather sites, please feel free to check them out!Get Your Forecast

Get the weather for outdoor activities! This site gives you tips on how to plan your next outdoor trip as well as climate guides to help you decide where to go. Includes weather planning for driving, sporting events, golfing, traveling and gardening.

Everything you need on the climate and oceans. All the National Weather Service sites. In the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration site you will find information about the weather, oceans, satellites, fishes, enviormental labs, costal services and much much more.

All About Storms and the Climate

Unisys Weather
This site provides a complete source of graphical weather information that includes visible satellite images, model data, maps, United States radar summary, satellite surface map and much more.

Our local weather office has all weather records for our area. Tons of information on our area's weather about the climate data, local forecast, warning definitions and wind chill charts.

Florida State University
Take a look at the Florida State University site that includes the Department of Metorology, radar and satellite imagery.

Tornado Project
Tornado watch, check out the tornado project online, where you can find information about tordado myths, oddities, safety, stories and the history of tornadoes.

Fun Site and Interactive Activities

Groundhogs Day
Got to have fun with the weather! Find out all the Predictions to Groundhog day around the United States. Includes the largest collection of groundhog day links.

Mississippi State University Site
Finally the website from my Alma Mater, Mississippi State University. The school is turning out some very fine broadcast meteorologists from all over the world now, and their web site has some great stuff from all areas of weather. A great site for true weather geeks like myself."

Models and Forecasting Tools

Models, Models, Models

University of Michigan Weather Page
This site has the most of the model and narrative data that we look at. Arguably the best weather site right now.