Westchester sticks it to non-recyclers

January 8, 2008 7:37:51 AM PST
Westchester County is warning residents to take recycling laws seriously, or be branded with their transgressions. Those who don't separate recyclables from trash may find eye-catching yellow "oops" stickers on their garbage cans this week. Starting next month, the stickers will turn a stern red, and the offending cans won't be collected.

The county government has sent nearly 50,000 stickers to trash-carting companies and local municipalities.

Other places - including the city of Durham, N.C. - have experimented with similar stickers.

Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano announced a recycling crackdown in November. The initiative includes inspecting more loads of garbage for misplaced recyclables and fining companies and municipalities that fail to separate them. Fines start at $250.