Police-involved shooting in the Bronx

February 9, 2008 8:39:26 AM PST
A traffic stop turned into much more in the Allterton section of the Bronx. Eyewitness news reporter Thalia Patillo is on the scene of what turned into a police- involved shooting.

It began as a routine traffic stop police say. But when the officers approached the car one of the men inside reached for what appeared to be a weapon. The car sped off, and that's when police fired.

"I saw the two officers, one on this side and one on that," said eyewitness, Barbara Black. "The car sped up and then officers fired."

Investigators say, two shots were fired, but they don't believe either of the suspects were hit.

It happened just after 6 p.m. near 817 Allerton Avenue. Police say the car is a BMW that was stolen from Long Island.

The gunshots sent people on the street fleeing for cover.

People eating at a nearby iHop and White Castle restaurant say they all ducked for cover when they heard the gunfire.

"It was scary to come outside," eyewitness, Rafael Socorro, said. "You feel like you don't know what's going to come around."

"That there was some shooting and everybody ducked," said a woman. "That's it."

Shortly after the incident police found the car abandoned about a mile away from the traffic stop.

One cop was taken to Montefiore Hospital for trauma.

Authorities say the vehicle involved in the incident was later found at 3520 Olinville Avenue. Police said it was a BMW stolen from Long Island.

It is believed the suspects are armed. Police do not believe either of them was hit by the shots.