Coach suspended for grabbing, yelling at player

February 11, 2008 4:28:01 PM PST
A high school girls basketball coach on Staten Island was suspended Monday for his actions on the court. One of the player's parents say he went too far when yelling at their daughter after she committed a foul. Now, they've filed a police report.

Moore Catholic junior varsity coach Tom Regina is allegedly grabbed last year's MVP, Jaclyn Tocco, by the arm and then laced into her.

Tocco's parents call it criminal behavior.

Witnesses at Moore Catholic's Saturday night game against St. John Villa say Regina forcefully grabbed the 15-year-old's forearm after she committed a foul during a game in the Graniteville high school gymnasium. She says when she tried to return to the court, the coach screamed at her and dug into her arm.

"He grabbed my arm and pulld me back," she said. "He was in my face and said 'Don't walk away from me when I'm yelling at you.'"

Tocco's mother, Roseanne, says she approached Regina after the game and was insulted instead. She told the Staten Island Advance that refused to engage in a conversation.

"Just the look on his face and the motions he made of hitting others, as well, it has to stop," she said. "He can't be coaching anymore."

Jaclyn's father, Vito Tocco, said he filed a police report that charges Regina with harassment.

"This is supposed to be fun," Tocco told The Advance. "This is not the NCAA. This is JV high school."