Man found dead with corkscrew in head

Neighbors surprised by death of 55-year-old
February 14, 2008 4:31:04 PM PST
A gruesome and unsolved murder has New York City police stumped and looking for a killer whose weapon of choice was a corkscrew.The victim was found in his own home on Park Place in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn Thursday.

Eyewitness News reporter Carolina Leid has the story.

The victim, a father of six, lived in the home for nearly 30 years. His 11-year-old daughter was the one who found him.

Now, the family is hoping to find the person who shattered their lives.

"She said, 'Mommy, daddy's dead,'" the victim's wife, Carline Renelique, said. "'Mommy, daddy got stabbed.'"

Renelique's says her 11-year-old will never be the same.

They checked in on the girl's dad, Murat Saint Hilaire, Wednesday night, because they were worried.

They hadn't heard from the 55-year-old in days and he missed work.

They never imagined what they'd find.

"She said 'Call 911, call 911,'" Renelique said. "'Because I don't like what I saw,' she said, she went inside and said 'Something happened. He's dead.'"

The little girl found her dad's lifeless body on the bedroom floor.

The murder weapon: a corkscrew lodged in his head.

Family members gathered in front of his apartment Thursday afternoon, trying to make sense of it.

His daughter, Tangeel, regrets an argument they had.

"I'm sorry because I didn't get to say I'm sorry or let's put this aside," she said. "You can't hold grudges too long. You don't know when that person is going to die."

Now, they want answers.

"Nobody deserve to die like that, nobody," Renelique said. "I want justice to be served."

The suspect is still on the loose. The family is urging anyone with information to call police.