Police, family baffled by missing woman

Went missing last week in New Jersey
February 15, 2008 5:08:47 PM PST
Police and family are baffled by a woman who went missing last week in New Jersey.Judith Englemann has two adult sons, two sisters, and a brother who love and adore her. They say leaving and contacting no one is not like her.

Judith lives alone in Plainfield, New Jersey. The last time anyone heard from her was a week ago, last Thursday. By Friday, the family knew something was wrong.

"She's a very responsible and hardworking person," Judith's sister, Karen Hall, said. "She's raised two boys for 25 years."

One son called police after he went to the house and found the door unlocked, Judith's purse in the backyard and more.

It is all baffling to Judith's neighbors on this close-knit street.

"I think we all feel over that we didn't see anything or hear anything," one neighbor said.

Search dogs found no scent past the yard and, deepening the mystery, police say she'd withdrawn a large sum of money from a bank account.

Police and her family agree that there is the possibility that Judith left on her own accord. But if that is the case, her family wants her to hear this message and take it to heart.

"Judy, you know how much your family loves you and misses you," Hall added.

Judith was on anxiety medication, believing someone had been entering her home while she was away. Did she leave out of fear, or was she abducted? The family hopes someone will recognize her and help bring her back.