Con Ed offers $100 to blackout victims

April 11, 2008 4:08:20 PM PDT
The massive power outage in Queens in the summer of 2006 lasted for days and cost some residents thousands of dollars. Now, Con Edison is offering $17 million. It breaks down to about a hundred dollars for each customer.

So how are residents reacting to the offer? It's mixed, to say the least.

"We lost, I can say, around $50,000," Charlie Kourakos, owner of the Mezzo Mezzo restaurant in Astoria, told the Daily News. "It's ridiculous for them to even offer us a hundred bucks."

The utility has told regulators it will pay the $17 million to customers, swallow $40 million in repair costs and finally apologize for its actions, according to the newspaper.

"What's $100 going to do for me? My bill is like $2,000 a month," Charlie Cinquemani, owner of the K&T Meat Market, which lost $30,000 worth of meat, told the paper. "It's not going to help me pay my bills."

Con Ed hiked its rates nearly 5 percent this month and is planning another increase in the near future.

"The settlement does not provide nearly enough for the people that suffered during the blackout," Assemblyman Michael Gianaris told the Daily News. "It's mere pennies next to the pain and suffering that people endured."

But waitress Vickie Papas, who reportedly could not work during the blackout, said she'll take what she can get.

"It's $100," Papas told the paper. "I can't complain about that."